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Who is this learning for?

  • Clubs

    We recognise that the workforce within clubs ranges from meeter-greeters, to admin roles, coaches, young leaders and so much more. Clubs can access modules on GDPR, increasing female participation, using Facebook and more.

  • Schools & PE leads

    Teachers and PE Leads as well as other roles within schools can benefit from these modules. Attending training is hard at the best of times, with cover to sort and travel time. With modules including how to have conversations about a healthy weight to top tips for Early Years PE and ways to include more active learning you'll be able to improve your schools offer.

  • Community Settings

    We know that physical activity, health and well-being happens in our community settings, such as youth clubs, youth organisations, for example scouts or guides, as well as programmes run by community groups or emergency services. We understand the power of physical activity to meet other outcomes or targets and will continue to generate content to meet this need.

Find learning by setting:

Why Yorkshire & Humber Learning Community?

We create our modules specifically with the learner in mind and make sure they:

  • are tutor led, so you can see who you're learning from. Face to face learning is ideal, but not always possible. We want you to feel like you can connect with the tutor, who will always be an expert in their field.

  • are bite-size and informal. Very few people have the time to drive to training or sit for 3 hours, which is why our modules are designed to be between 20 minutes to 1 hour. If you have to pause your module, it will pick up from where you left it!

  • open more doors to further learning and knowledge, if you're ready for this. We are one of many organisations who can support your learning and are happy to provide links, suggestions and more options.

  • are designed to meet your needs. Because we work on the ground and design our own content, we can respond to feedback and suggestions quickly.