• What will I learn?

    During the module you'll learn about recruiting, keeping and nurturing volunteers to support your club, setting organisation. You'll hear from two community settings and hear research from Club Matters and Sport England.

  • What's involved

    This module is approximately 40 minutes long and split into 3 chapters. You'll be able to test your learning and be asked reflective questions. Could you take the module with others from your setting?

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    This project is currently funded and modules are bought to Yorkshire & the Humber organisations for free.

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  1. 1
    • Module walk through

    • Strengthening your Club through Volunteers - best practice

  2. 2
    • Chapter 1. Recruiting Volunteers

    • Test your learning!

  3. 3
    • Chapter 2. Keeping Volunteers

    • Test your Learning!

  4. 4
    • Chapter 3. Nurturing your Volunteers

    • Test your Learning!

    • Module Feedback

  5. 5
    • Club Matters

    • Roles and Responsibilities template

    • Quiz: Are you 'volunteer ready'?

    • Safe Placement checklist & Induction checklist