• What will I learn?

    This workshop will equip you with ideas on how to best engage members of your community in physical activity. As part of this you will explore your own memories and feelings towards physical activity. You will look at how others within your community might have barriers as to why they don’t take part and how those that do take part have overcome them.

  • What's involved?

    This workshop will take you about 45 minutes to complete, with activities for you to complete throughout; make sure you have paper and a pen ready before you start. There are downloadable resources for you to use and help your learning.

  • Who is this for?

    This workshop is for anyone who could use more physical activity within their setting and wants to know where to start. You might be a community leader, student or volunteer.

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The training covers:

  1. 1
    • Module walk through

    • Active Communities Training Pack

  2. 2
    • Active Communities - Part 1

  3. 3
    • Active Communities - Part 2

    • Sample - Incident Report Form

    • Sample - Risk Assessment Form

    • Sample - New Participant Form

    • Example - things to consider when organising events

  4. 4
    • Active Communities - Part 3

    • Tell us what you think

Delivered by:

Development Manager (Communities)

Kathryn Mudge

Kathryn joined Yorkshire Sport Foundation in March 2013 having worked within Sport and Community Development for 6 years in a range of different roles. Kathryn has experience of working across a mixture of sectors, however mostly within the voluntary/ charitable sector. Previous roles include working for the charity Zest, a voluntary organisation working to improve life chances for deprived communities in Sheffield. During this period Kathryn developed a passion for community development, using sport as a tool to overcome social issues. Currently Kathryn is a Development Manager as part of the Communities Team at Yorkshire Sport Foundation, supporting organisations across South and West Yorkshire. Kathryn is passionate about developing local community projects and people, undertaking voluntary roles as a Trustee at three different charities in Sheffield.